Homeopathy is a system of medicine, which uses natural remedies to stimulate the body’s self-healing powers. It is a “holistic” medicine in that it sees the symptoms of the body and mind as a totality. Nadya Dhanani, CCH , RsHom (North America),B.H.M.S studied at the Homeopathic Medical college associated with Bombay University in India. She is certified by the Central Council of Homeopathy in North America(USA).

Chiropractic  Services: In addition to traditional chiropractic techniques, “Dr. Mike” Greenberg utilizes ‘state of the art’ physical approaches to achieve results for pain relief in many conditions. He is concerned first and foremost for the well-being of his patients. Dr. Mike is thorough and extremely efficient in his approach and aims to improve the quality of life in all those he comes in contact with.

Zyto Wellness Scan: Many people are looking for answers to questions about their health and wellness. Still more people aren’t sure what questions to even ask or where to start. The answers to these known and unknown questions are different for everyone. What would happen if you could discover your body’s preference for nutrition, what vitamins, minerals, or enzymes it needed to do a better job? Would you give it what it asked for? Could a proactive approach to wellness help you function at a higher level or even avoid some types of illnesses? If your body could tell you what it prefers, what would it say? More water? A change in diet? Supplements? So how do you talk to your body to found out what that is? The Zyto scan works by placing your hand on the hand cradle for approximately 20 minutes, ZYTO measures the body’s energetic responses to help determine the best wellness options for each person. From here, it measures variations as wellness items are introduced from the software. A detailed report will be created at the end of your findings. Zyto helps you by measuring your body for galvanic skin response, a ZYTO scan determines what currently causes your body the most stress – from sleep disturbances , Immune System, Detoxification , hormone  and endocrine to various food sensitivities to environmental contributors and more.

Naturopathic Services Choose a more natural approach to well-being with help from a specialist that cares about your health. At  Advanced Medical you can take advantage of  the services with attentive and personalized advice from  Dr Paul an experienced naturopathic medicine doctor. Take back control of your health with strategies that combine the best of contemporary and ancient knowledge. When you become an active, rather than passive participant in your life, it’s easier to feel your best and gain a more positive outlook. Improving your diet, your lifestyle, and your overall wellbeing are all goals that you can reach with help from a naturopathic specialist that understands your needs.

Regenerative and Prolozone Services: Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy of collagen producing substances and ozone gas which can reconstruct damaged or weakened connective tissue in and around joints. These substances are injected into the damaged connective tissue in and around a joint to rebuild the damaged areas. Amber Looper is a Board-Certified Physician Assistant specializing in natural pain relief and ozone therapies. She has trained with Dr. Frank Shallenberger earning certificates in ozone insufflation and IV therapies, and received advanced training in Prolozone joint injection therapies and techniques.